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Friday, 23 November 2012

Picture of the week

The very sexy English bodybuilder Lisa Cross. I love a woman in leather. There's something so alluring about Lisa. Is it those eyes I wonder, maybe the strong northern accent. That along with her growing beautiful physique and that sexy leather outfit makes this photo of our own sexy English lass this weeks photo of the week. I wish more northern girls would follow in the footsteps of Lisa, I can't think of another muscular woman from my part of the world.


  1. well, interesting.. its just her eyes that turns my off most on her.
    Secondly its her fake tits, 3rd is her nude model career.
    Other muscle girls from your part of the world I would prefer: think of Sharon Madderson and Rene Campbell...

  2. Couldn't disagree more.

  3. yeah, her eyes remind me of this lady I cannot stand: http://www.mogous.com/photos/beate-rehagel/01/

    Also its very "tough" to answer as Anonymous!!!

  4. Fair enough guys, we all like different things. Marcus I forgot about Sharon Maderson, she's hot but I wish she'd GROW bigger. I was talking specifically female bodybuilders from the north of England. I think Rene Campbell lives in Brighton, or certainly around the Sussex area. There may of course be more very muscular women closer to home, maybe many of them choose to remain anonymous :(